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The EBSKA House is characterized by his modular structure, pre fabrication and efficiency energy. It is a rigorous and simultaneously flexible building in his composition due to the work of reflection invested on prefabricated modules that can be formed and incorporated by users request.

The building remains formed by a modular composition where every user can choose the number of modules of the housing or office, depending on the necessary spaces and the use that the client wants to give (familiar, second housing, work, etc.).
The project is based on a set of modules that allow to mount and to dismantle easily the house in such a way that choosing different
modules, by request of the user, different models of housings might be formed, taking advantage of every space, combining day and night spaces with work spaces. The first variable that determines the configuration of the housing is the number of users.

concepto Modular

The order establishes in this case the dimensional limit of 175 m², for what the reflection on the house and offices to be projected penetrates into the possible configurations on 6 modules prefabricated by floor. The organization of these 6 modules was established concerning two longitudinal courts obtained by the flexibility of the position of this court contemplated in each module.

eBsKA House Promotional Video


In addition, the project also is characterized by 2 longitudinal bands that shelter different functions, from storage up to habitable spaces, where the user decides what use to give it. These buildings are very adaptable, so much for the use to give it, as for the number of individuals that are going to use it. With this system of modules there can be created infinities of types of houses, adding the above mentioned modules there is provided a linear growth of the housing or offices. On the other hand the disposition of the spaces has a great flexibility, every space possesses a proper entity according to the needs of the owner. All the stays are projected without residual spaces that cannot be in used by no means as like it happens in some traditional housings.


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