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Solar systems and ACS
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Energy Block
One of our prototype aim has been passing the maximum consumption charges of our building to the thermal environment. In this point we assume the value of capture technology with the collectors SRB of ultra empty high place, indicated specially for these intentions. Nevertheless this does not supposes a complete use of the solar surface between the photovoltaic power and the photo thermal energy, since both technologies compete for the solar radiation.
The energetic management is a key point in the EBSKA House, since the modules E-BlockSHS allow a real time configuration so that they catch thermal or electrical solar power according to the needs of the building. This way we have a powerful system of control that
determines the ideal configuration in every moment of the day, taking as references the current and foreseen consumption, the solar radiation and the energetic priorities.


ebska info  energyblocks

To solve this conflict we have implemented a hybrid system of capture inside our Energy Block. On the roof we have three different types of these systems:
•    Energy Block-SHS: hybrid photovoltaic and photo thermal blocks capture adaptable on our roof.
•    EnergyBlock-T: purely thermal blocks with concentrating mirrors.
•    EnergyBlock-PV: purely photovoltaic blocks.
As for the viability study, the creation of these blocks, opens the door for different configurations allowing to select one type of capture for each roof. This blocks system would allow to create new blocks to shelter modules also with a certain angle of inclination.

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