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         Food and Agriculture Industry

                                                  Hope for the future


This is one of the Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales sector of activities with the highest level of social satisfaction.

Planificaciones Mundiales teams are working on a daily basis on reports and systems concerning the Food and Agriculture Industry and in particular the fight against hunger (RUFT).

In the food sector, we are able to develop a variety of technical and self-sufficient projects for agricultural production, projects for developing towns, reforestation projects and for the implementation of marine cultivation systems.

Technified, self-sufficient agricultural production systems.

Sustainable development housing.

Marine animal cultivation.

Intensive cultivation of marine vegetables.

Reforestation for fodder, biofuels and soil fertilizers.

Development and implementation of new systems and products in the Fight Against Hunger, RUFT (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food).

Research and projects in the field of Food and Agriculture industry and the Fight Against Hunger


Invest to the Future