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Platform for Health Care Development
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INTERNATIONAL CANARY TECHNOLOGY and DIATER LABORATORIOS, both aware that health is a universal right, contribute to the development of make great efforts to dynamise or improve the health-care sector and the parmaceutical industry. We also take action towards the improvement of health-care in towns and villages (creating, hospitals, health centres, etc.)

visto_icon  New Implementation of Pharmaceutical Industry in Equatorial Guinea

visto_icon  New Implementation of Pharmaceutical Industry in Cuba

visto_icon  Setting up pharmaceutical in emerging countries

visto_icon  Health Care in emerging countries


  Research and projects regarding health care


INTERNATIONAL CANARY TECHNOLOGY, through companies in which they have a 50% holding together with “DIATER LABORATORIO DE DIAGNOSTICO Y APLICACIONES TERAPÉUTICAS S.A.”, well aware  that the availibility of health care is a universal right, contributes to the development of health care systems in emerging countries.

We have the experience and the professionals working in the health sector for implementing or improving the sector of the pharmaceutical  industry  in those countries (production of basic medicines, implementation of controlling bodies, distribution centres for pharmaceuticals, etc.).

We also act for the improvement of health care in towns and villages by installing modern health systems, hospitals (both permanent and mobile) , health centres (primary health care and specialists). INTERNATIONAL CANARY TECHNOLOGY completes its offer in the health sector by providing specific health care courses for the development of health care in emerging countries, with different types of training in biology, pharmacy, medicine, etc.


We have the technical and human resources available for carrying out studies and projects in health related issues for our clients. At the present moment, INTERNATIONAL CANARY TECHNOLOGY and DIATER LABORATORIOS a Guinea and Cuba.

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