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Boluda lines interested in covering the route with Tarfaya

- 07/03/11

The PIF wich opens in March will allow trade with other countries.
Canarias 7 - David Monserrat /Puerto del Rosario

Fuerteventura, Action and Sport in The Beach of Canaries

- 19/01/11

Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales, collaborates with the Fuerteventura Tourist Board. 

Planificaciones Mundiales Group in the new autumn publication of Vanitas magazine.

- 18/01/11

Planificaciones Mundiales Group promote Mirador de Lobos Golf, in the new publication of Vanitas magazine.

Planificaciones Mundiales opts to build the Tarfaya dock.

- 26/11/10

Publicacion en Prensa
Canarias 7 y La Provincia.

Planificaciones Mundiales has showed his interest in competing in the works of the Tarfaya dock (Morocco).

Tennis Tournament - Solidarity from Canary Island

- 03/11/10

The Business Group Planificaciones Mundiales, organized in mid-september de Tennis Tournamente "Marbella VIP", in Tennis El Casco Club.

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