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Patents, Developments and Innovation

                                                               Guaranteed Innovation


With the same impetus and drive that GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES brings to renewable energies and telecommunications, we also devote our overall strategy at International Canary Technology, to offer our customers, companies and investors a range of innovative products and services in the following fields: 

Waste Management
Energy Use
Transportation and Automotive Industry

In the field of Waste Management, GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES aims to specialise in developing countries' Tourist Industries, by means of the recycling of organic waste and debris, producing derivatives such as compound feed, vermicompost or substrates.

GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES incorporates its own infrastructure for the reconversion of all types of waste (organic, plastics, industrial, wood, etc.) into reusable products and into energy.  These recycling systems make use of gasses and fluids obtained during the treatment for generating power, biogas and biodiesel.

In the Waste Management sector, an endless range of options are applicable, such as power plants, water, ice and refrigeration in remote areas.  Extrapolating wind power; solar energy; photovoltaics; thermal, geothermal, biomass, incinerators and other alternative energies such as hydroatomics are also options.

Aware of environmental sensitivity, International Canary Technology  has developed new construction protocols applicable to both the Residential and Tourism sectors.  This means extending the concept of energetic self-sufficiency with bioclimatic tendencies to raise the standard of Ecotourism, one of the activities with the largest growth in the service sector. 

Within our Development and Innovation division, Planificaciones Mundiales is aware of the limitations imposed on the use of water, thus our research divisions are responding to the handling of desalination and water-treatment plants with their own obtaining, treatment and distribution systems.

In this field, sea water or brackish water desalination plants  powered by aero-motors and integrated in aero-generators and independent of electric grids are noteworthy, connected to wave-energy, to evaporation/condensation or to solar pumping.

With regards to electronic products, GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES has an ample portfolio of innovations adapted to the needs of our investors and clients, such as people and vehicle counters for public entrances; screens with mobile holders; computer control and cash-register systems for supermarkets, alcohol  testers; navigation devices, Led lighting or integrated power blocks for alcohol testers and vehicle fleet management solutions.

Human transportation and automotive devices are part of PM's research division's strategy. In this area we emphasize products such as poly-plank; horizontal lifts activated by means of renewable energies; multi-use self-propelled moving platforms (seats; insertion, placement and expulsion of batteries; cargo loading and unloading handlers; and mother stations to supply battery-recharging to the fleet).