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Access to and use of the website, property of PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L.,  is totally voluntary and presumes the full acceptance by the party accessing it, hereinafter called « The User » of all the General Use Conditions in effect at any time that the User is accessing this site, and for which reason the User shall carefully read and accept this PRIVACY POLICY without reservations, before carrying out any type of operations, viewing, use etc., of this website.

The User must refrain from using this website or its services and contents in any manner contrary to Law.  PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. reserves the right to refuse access to this website, without notice, to any User who infringes the contents of these General Use Conditions.

PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. reserves the right to change these General Use Conditions  at any time, as well as to change any other general or specific conditions, rules for the use of this website or notices that result from any of the applications herein.  We also reserve the right to change the presentation, configuration and location of this website at any time, as well as its contents and the conditions for using them.    


PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L., supplies clear information, free of charge to Users, regarding the products and services that we offer to our clients, the characteristics of and information about our company itself.  From different websites can be linked to, which are not managed by PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L.  Said links come from other information sources and their inclusion in our website may not be considered either a recommendation or an invitation or a suggestion to visit those pages and therefore, PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. declines all responsibility arising from the User accessing third party web sites.


The User acknowledges and accepts that all intellectual and industrial property rights for the contents and any other elements inserted into this Website, belong to PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L., or our licensees, except for what has been mentioned in the previous paragraph regarding hyper-links. PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. owns the elements that are a part of the graphic design of our web pages, the menus; navigation buttons; the HTML codes; texts; images; textures; graphics and any other contents of this Web site or, in any case, has obtained the corresponding authorisation to use said elements.   

Therefore, the User is only authorised to view the material and contents of this page as it is presented and to download a copy of it to a single computer for their personal and private use and never for commercial purposes and as long as the User complies with all intellectual and industrial property rights.  

The User may not delete, avoid or manipulate the "copyright" and other identifying data corresponding to the rights pertaining to  or the technical protection devices or other informational mechanisms that the contents might contain.   

PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. authorises the establishment of links between other websites  and ours as long as the following conditions are respected:

That the link has not been set up from a website the contents of which are against the Law, morality or public order, that no image of PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. or its products be distorted, harmed or misleading, that no relationship or business connection between PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. and the owners, operators or advertisers of the other website with which the link has been established be implied when it is does not exist, and that no impression be given that the contents or website belonging to PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L., belong to or have been designed by the owners, operators or advertisers of the other website with which the link has been established.


The conditions to access and use this website are strictly governed by current legislation and the principles of good faith and the User hereby commits her/himself to make good use of it and the services offered by it. 

Any actions that break the Law or infringe on the rights and interests of third parties are not allowed and the following are expressly prohibited:

Actions that could cause damage to this website or through it, to PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L.'s systems or the systems of third parties.

Advertise or spread commercial information directly or covertly, spam or the sending of oversize messages with intent to block the network servers.

PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. cannot be held responsible for any incorrect, inappropriate or illicit use of the information that appears on our Planificaciones Mundiales S.L. website. 


PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L., in fulfilment of what is expressed in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 regarding Services to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, through its website offers permanent, easy, direct and free-of-charge access by electronic means, to information relative to its company, fiscal data, registry records, business address and address for communication purposes. 


PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. complies with current Law in force as established in Law 15/1999 regarding the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), and successive legislation that extends it.

We hereby state, in advance, that in order to access certain information and contents, the User must first register as such, accepting on the appropriate form the handling of her/his personal data and its inclusion in our database, as established for this purpose in the LOPD.   

PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L.  hereby commits ourselves to cancelling any personal data once it is no longer necessary or pertinent for the purposes for which it was collected by means of the form enabled on this website and for the handling of queries made by the User.  Planificaciones Mundiales S.L. is responsible for handling said data.

Users are hereby informed of the use of cookies to collect information and carry out statistical analyses about our website.  The cookies that PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. applies are anonymous and do not collect Users' personal data nor can anyone access the User's hard drive by means of them.   The Users' identity is never inserted into the cookie and therefore it cannot be used for identification purposes. 

The protocols utilised are stateless, and therefore are unable to relate any information gathered previously or afterwards to any other query, these protocols do not recognise the person who is sending a page nor how many pages could have been sent already, no matter how little time has lapsed between connections, because each petition or query is processed individually.  


PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L.  waives all responsibility in the event that access or visits to our website be impossible or difficult due to connection interruptions or defective rendering of electric supply, telephone connections or other telecommunications suppliers failure  unrelated to Planificaciones Mundiales S.L, or in event of social conflict or other force majeur events, including administrative or court orders, sabotage or overloads, whether intentional or not.      

We also decline all and any responsibility derived from damage and harm to the visitor's IT equipment as a consequence of the occurrence of any of the previously mentioned circumstances. 

PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. does not guarantee availability and continuity of our website nor are we responsible for any damage or harm produced or that could be produced in future, nor technical defects of any nature derived from the use of the information and materials contained in the website.

Within the limits established by Law, PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES S.L. does not assume any responsibility derived from any lack of up-dating or precision of the data or information contained in our Internet pages.