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Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales

Open to the World

The internationalisation of corporations is based on several basic principles of economic strategy: quality, perseverance and leadership. Since its founding three years ago, Planificaciones Mundiales has opened up to the world, aware that excellence transcends borders and brings territories closer together, creating trust between public and private investors based on solid long-term projects, in which corporate profitability, sustainable development and good business practices all carry the same weight.   

Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales embraces these principles in all of our business areas:

  Real-estate Development

  Renewable Energies

  Research, Development, Innovation, Patents


  Platform for Health Development

Food and Agriculture Industry

Our banking on the future makes Planificaciones Mundiales a company with a vocation for permanence and stability based on constant improvement in our international growth process.  Our President, José Antonio Newport Machín, has managed to capture it clearly and directly, with the firm conviction that  Planificaciones Mundiales know what we are doing: “Different projects, different markets, different destinations”.
With this impetus aimed at developing markets, Planificaciones Mundiales has given special meaning to our Real Estate Division on the Cape Verde Islands, Morocco and Panama, not forgetting our Spanish complement: our developments on Fuerteventura (the Canary Islands).

On the Cape Verde Islands, Planificaciones Mundiales offered one of our greatest strengths (the Integrated Quality Management System) to show local authorities that investment projects designed for the islands of Sal, Boavista and Maio mean unparalleled development for that Archipelago.

In virtue of the agreement protocol signed with the Cape Verde Government Investment Agency, our Group has foreseen six large tourist developments (accommodations, leisure and services), on over one thousand hectares spread over three islands, with special emphasis placed on the development of infrastructure, environmental value and the beauty of the landscape.   

On Sal, Porto Murdeira, one of the most ambitious tourist developments on the African coast (504 hectares), will be developed and includes Sol Verde, an aparthotel (self-catering) for guests searching for exclusive accommodation.

On Boavista, Planificaciones Mundiales has designed the conservation of Boavista Beach (54 hectares) keeping in mind its great potential for nautical sports on virgin beaches silhouetted by dunes.  On Boavista one also finds the third largest sea-turtle colony on earth.  The accommodations area is called Fonte Nova and stands on 260 hectares of hotel, residential, commercial and sports land, complemented by health facilities, educational and nature preservation areas, all guaranteeing perfect balance with the environment.

On the island of Maio a beach-front resort has been planned (Atlantic Beach) for 322 homes on 65,000 square metres, to be built as an aparthotel with 60 three-bedroom villas and 262 two-bedroom apartments.  The aparthotel will offer diving and surf clubs as well as a Beach Club.

And in order to diversify leisure activities available to tourists, customers and owners,   Planificaciones Mundiales has promoted three centres (Fashion Beach), also beach-front on the beaches on Sal, Boavista and Maio, with discotheques, swimming pools and shops.

As a counterpoint to tourism consolidation on the Cape Verde Islands, Planificaciones Mundiales has made a gigantic jump, launching an unprecedented project in the south of Morocco, a country with which Spain has intensified economic, financial and diplomatic relations.

The project is called Chorok Tarfaya and is located in a strategic enclave for future shipping lines and airline routes between the Canary Islands and our neighbours. 
It is a commercial and service centre projecting 112 plots of 3,300 metres, 24,000 metres for department stores and hypermarkets; 18,000 metres for handicrafts markets and play-grounds; 23,344 metres for special facilities; 27,000 metres of restaurants, a casino-hotel and services and 133,000 metres of commercial and service surface.  Chorok Tarfaya comprises industrial warehouses, department stores, a hypermarket and petrol stations.   

Tarfaya is a coastal area 98 kilometres from the island of Fuerteventura and 100 kilometres from El Aaiún (administrative capital of the Sáhara, with a population of 400,000 inhabitants), which as been included in the investment programme which the Moroccan government has drafted, with an assignment of 1,200 million Euros approved for tourism development programmes. In addition, the Development Aid Fund (Fondo de Ayuda al Desarrollo -FAD) has awarded 30 million Euros to enlarge the port.
In view of the priority that the Moroccan Government has assigned it, the port of Tarfaya could become one of the main trade routes into Africa, being located across from the Canary Islands and a Pan-African point of entry that unites Morocco with Mauritania, Senegal and Mali.

Another emblematic project that Promociones Mundiales is working on is located in  Panama City, on the prized Avenida Balboa.  It will be a unique building that will catapult our Group to the highest level of prestige and consideration amongst our investors. The Horizon Tower is a 67-floor building for residential, hotel and administrative use with a total surface of almost 68,000 square metres: 24,000 square metres of office space; 1,200 of commercial premises; 15,000 sm, condo-hotel area; 4,446 casino and 23,000 residential square metres distributed in 151 homes. 
Furthermore, it will include three additional basement levels and a social area with infinity pools, Jacuzzi, solarium, spa, squash and a business centre, events rooms and game room..... combining special sensations: no matter which way you look, the   Horizon Tower has spectacular views: on one side, overlooking the Bay of Panama, and its skyline and, looking in the other direction, the historic section of this city which is also a financial hub for Central America.  
As a Spanish model, Planificaciones Mundiales is impelling four projects on Fuerteventura (the Canary Islands) as new investment opportunities in developments that offer excellence and quality.
These four projects are located in the north and centre of the island and have been conceived as secure, profitable and guaranteed investments:

Residencial El Castillo. Six unique homes of 600 square metres each with patios, porches, terrace and laundry/storage areas that include, in the basement, a heated swimming pool with laminar fountain, wine-cellar, sauna, Jacuzzi, recreation-room, gym, toilet and shower-room and on the lower floor the kitchen, dining-room, complete bathroom, three bedrooms, (the master bedroom comprises a complete bathroom, shower and  Jacuzzi), terrace and store-room.  It also has an outdoor swimming-pool with laminar fountain.  

Residencial Guacimara. One-thousand square metre plots for single-family homes with individual swimming-pools.  The plots are sold with the architect's plan already approved and building license for a four-bedroom villa with three bathrooms, independent kitchen, lounge-dining room and private garden with pool. 

Residencial Mirador de Lobos Golf. The opportunity to play golf in a privileged natural enclave, whilst admiring the beauty of the Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park and the   Island of Lobos, is not something within everybody's reach.  Mirador de Lobos comprises a set of villas, either one or two-floor semi-detached homes with almost 120 square metres constructed surface, located on a hill-side plot offering splendid views.  Each villa has a garden, private pool and spacious solarium.  

Residencial Caleta de Mar.  This residential complex of 14 individual one-floor villas standing on plots of at least 500 square metres, with a fenced-in perimeter.  Life in Residencial Caleta de Mar is a new concept of well-being, in homes designed for functionality and built with the best quality and solid materials.

Open to the World