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Renewable Energies

                                                  Secure investments with a future

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Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales' diversification of activities in the field of alternative energies is backed by our expertise in this sector, by the construction of wind farms and Photovoltaic solar energy in Spain (the Canary Islands and Andalusia), and by electric power concessions in new European countries and the rest of the world, including developing countries such as Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

The participation and expertise that Planificaciones Mundiales has in the development of clean energies, guarantees secure investments with a great future.    

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Operations carried out in Spain include the installation and management of three solar energy deck plants on the Canary Islands, reaching a production of 260 kilowatts.


In the south of the Spanish mainland, in Andalusia, two solar energy plants have been built in Malaga (3.3 megawatts), one in Cadiz (2.2 Mw) and another one in Seville (1.2 Mw). Another four facilities are planned for the Andalusian region with a capacity of   190 Mw and three more, still undergoing preparatory paperwork, for a capacity of 300 megas.


Twenty further projects are still being tendered for in Poland, Estonia, Croatia, the Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

The proven track-record of the Group in these sectors is also connected to the care of the environment, the achievement of excellence and guaranteed quality throughout the production process.

These good business practice and leadership parameters have motivated the significant presence of Planificaciones Mundiales in the tendering for 26 photovoltaic solar energy plants and wind energy farms in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and  Latvia

At present, the Bulgarian Government has assigned 121 megawatts of power distributed amongst 18 solar energy plants.

With regards to the development of wind energy, Planificaciones Mundiales will manage 1,555 megawatts, distributed as follows:

visto_iconKazakhstan: 2 wind farms, 650 Mw.

visto_iconLithuania: 1 wind farm, 630 Mw.

visto_iconLatvia: 5 wind farms, 275 Mw.

The exponential growth of renewable energies in Eastern Europe is one of the highest on the continent.  Governments are promoting very stable regulation together with tax benefits to guarantee profitability and return on investment, as well as the requirement that electric companies must purchase, at a rate regulated by Public Administration, one hundred percent of the power that is fed into the grid.       

Planificaciones Mundiales offers investors two licence-acquisition options by means of direct or shared purchase and turnkey projects, where the client directly acquires the plant or farm, ready to operate.    

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