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Corporate Social Responsability  
Good Business Practice

Planificaciones Mundiales has structured our Corporate Social Responsibility division  into sports and cultural sponsorships, and Cooperation programmes in cities in developing countries, in order to contribute to the development and cohesion of the population.

Our specialisation in the sports world is quite broad: from soccer to cycling and above all, tennis, an activity in which Spain has earned unequalled projection.  In order to carry out these activities, GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES founded  Planificaciones Sport Management, bringing together tennis professionals, events organisation and our executive management.  
Planificaciones Sport Management, head-quartered at the Club de Tenis El Casco of Marbella, focuses its activities on the foundations, and on the national and international sports elite.

Our company wishes to combine sports with the professional and personal capacity of our promising young athletes, assembling technical staff such as Toni Colom (Rafa Nadal's coach until he turned 17), Javier Hernández or José Carlos Villaespesa.


Planificaciones Sport Management's intention is to cooperate with Tennis Federations in  countries such as Russia, Estonia, etc. developing sports academies at the same time.

Our Group has a box in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, available to our clients and friends who wish to enjoy memorable matches with the Real Madrid Soccer Team. Along the same lines of services rendered to our investors,  Planificaciones Mundiales also participates in major tennis tournaments such as the  Davis Cup, Masters Series ATP…

Banking on tennis is a strategic decision that the company has been increasing over the years.  At present, GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES is sponsoring, amongst others, elite players such as David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Pablo Martín.

In 2008, for example, our Group promoted the Duel of Legions between Spain and  Argentina, in the El Casco Tennis Club in Marbella, which belongs to PM, where  Ferrero, Carlos Moyá, Guillermo Cañas and José Acasuso played.

At present, David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero are connected to our Company thanks to a sponsorship contract covering the next three years. Both tennis players hold excellent reputations as charismatic tennis stars and are frequently written about in the  sports and social press.

Ferrer and Ferrero are committed to an annual exhibit on the El Casco courts. Both players don't hesitate to praise Planificaciones Mundiales for our capacity and sensibility, and are grateful for our backing. Ferrero, winner of the Roland Garros tournament, emphasises “the bravery of sports patronage” and Ferrer is thrilled to “be a part of the Planificaciones Mundiales family, because of its corporate values and the trust that PM has placed on the athletes”.

Last year, our sponsorship programme included four competitions: three tennis, paddle-tennis and golf tournaments, and the Cape Verde Windsurf Meet, which qualifies participants for  the world championship.

In tennis, Planificaciones Sports Management have linked our programme to well-known athletes such as Martín Adalia from Valladolid, a twenty-year-old member of the Valencia Tennis Club, to which Ferrero, Ferrer and Pablo Andujar also belong.
Planificaciones Mundiales is also present in other sports, for example by sponsoring the Fuerteventura Canarias cycling team from that Canarian island, which has taken part in competitions in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, while gaining experience before joining the Vuelta Ciclista a España Cycle Tour around Spain.
Our presence in Cultural Events is considerable throughout the Canarian Autonomous Community.  One of the best known events is the Short Film Festival Dunas de Cine y Vídeo, which takes place simultaneously in La Oliva, Puerto del Rosario and Tuineje.

Planificaciones Mundiales wishes to show its permanent promotional efforts by attending trade fairs, meetings and conferences, above all, in Tourism and Real Estate Development, contributing to the marketing and spreading of information regarding products that are highly valued by investors. 

With regards to social programmes, Planificaciones Mundiales has been supporting the Moroccan League for Child Welfare, which is presided by Princess Lalla Amina, for the past two years.  The last event was held in El-Aaiún for the purpose of encouraging the role of children in their social milieu, as well as the development of the capabilities to become integrated through both education and culture.  

In the past Meeting, Planificaciones Mundiales inaugurated new equipment for the orphanage in that city.  This is a centre that takes children in and educates over 140 of them of all ages.