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GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES's diversity offers companies and investors the possibility to bank on a growth sector which experts foresee will absorb 4.5% of any household's spending before 2012.

Aware of the strength that competitiveness, efficiency and customer and consumer fidelity confers on development, Grupo Planificaciones Mundiales covers all facets of the telecommunications sector, from digital to voice features, image, data storage and services.   

In fact, Planificaciones Mundiales is the holder of the official concession as telephone and internet operator for Spain under the name Telmax, which also has rights in the rest of the European Union.

The same concession was granted to our group by the Government of the Cape Verde Islands, where under the name Telmax Cabo Verde Lda, we are an operator in this African Republic.

GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES, also owns a global telecommunications consultancy, offering detailed and personalised service for implementation, above all in developing countries.

Banking on telecommunications is part of the backbone of Planificaciones Mundiales as the expansion of telematics and digital networks are applicable to any society, interconnecting public, institutional, health, safety and emergency services.

Planificaciones Mundiales also places synergies derived from our international expansion at the disposal of our clients, in order to group all our services in one single package of tools (mobile telephone operation, Internet, voice, data and image) which guarantee maximum profits and savings on structural expenses.


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