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Intensive Cultivation of Marine Vegetables.

Description and Applications:

Development of intensive cultivation of micro algae:

- Using raceway cultivation systems or in photobioreactors.

        - For obtaining: EPA, Carotenoids, Animal feed for agriculture, Pigments, etc.
Aeroponic cultivation of marine plants:

- Cultivation of plants irrigated using seawater or brackish water.

        - Using a hydroponic-aeroponic system  in pyramid, in cascade, on the ground, or traditional biosaline agriculture.

        - Production of biomass suitable for biofuels, human consumption, animal feed, gardening, etc.

Cultivation of marine trees (mangrove) using hydroponics on land.

Extensive cultivation of micro algae and crustaceans (artemia salina)

This type of cultivation can be carried out making use of the effluent of water coming from the fish farms.


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Intensive Cultivation of Marine Vegetables
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