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Sustainable Development Villages

Description and Applications:

The mission of the Sustainable Development Villages is to create a “new frontier” for the development of more underprivileged villages,
to become a “focus of sustainable development”, a “guiding light”, an “example to be followed”, a “new path” along which the smaller, more isolated and less favoured communities can and must tread until they reach a level of development that places them within the new framework of sustainability and balanced development at world level.

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Two types of villages are being developed: one based on fishing and one based on livestock.

It includes civil engineering work, equipment and systems for providing supplies of drinking water, electricity, rubbish collection and sewage treatment, sewer system, communications, transport and fuel supply.

It includes a residencial area, a Social Welfare area, production and technological services.

Self-sufficience in energy supply.


Associated to training, health care and administrative services, and safety programmes.



Sustainable Development Villages
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