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  Food and Agriculture Industry

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Technified, self-sufficient Agricultural Production Systems.

Description and Applications:

Project for setting up an integral, self-sufficient agriculture industry.

Agricultural production using renewable energy for water desalination and maintenance of the installations.

Specially designed for arid areas with no energy sources.

Essential system for the fight against hunger in depresed areas.


Enclosure for cultivation with rigid, hermetic walls.

System for high-density hydroponic aeroponic cultivation.

Total control of temperature and moisture using renewable energy.

Drip-system for iirigation using seawater or brackish.

Interior CO2 control.

Radiation control system.

System protected against harsh weather conditions.

Capacity: units of up to 10.000 m2.

Types of cultivation: vegetables, flowers, etc (low cost and high production).

100% carbon-free.



Technified, self-sufficient Agricultural Production Systems
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