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Porto Murdeira

 General Parameters

The Porto Murdeira Master Plan is a pioneer project to be developed on an area of 504 hectares, in a privileged location of great natural beauty.  It will be the largest holiday development on the African coast, from the point of view of accommodation capacity and size, and also for the diversity and quality of the services and amenities that it comprises.

The environmental value and the scenic beauty of its surroundings add great value and potential to the project, whose uniqueness is a response to the protected areas, the environmental interest of the Murdeira beach where the sea turtles come to lay their eggs, and the virgin spaces.

Porto Murdeira is a clear example of Sustainable Development. Its location is an area declared as ZDTI (an area selected by the government for tourist residential development) will mean conceptual development with planning that not only meets the parameters set by the government but also the concept of sustainability, the preservation of the environmental values of the area, the minimisation of impact and the maximum integration into the surroundings.

It is a project that has the support of the Government of Cape Verde and its institutions, and has all necessary approval, permits and licences.

The development will comprise:

Plots for hotels and aparthotels with a variety of offers: Ecohotel, hotel with Casino, beach hotels, a convention hotel and a hotel with golf course.

Marina with capacity for 400 berths for boats from 7 to 105 metres in length.

2 Golf Courses: one 18 hole course and one 9 hole course.

Sports Centre

Clinic with heliport

Shopping Centres

Leisure Park

Business Centre



Environmental measures:

Desalination plant using reverse osmosis

Tertiary treatment of waste water

Electricity generated using a diesel/photovoltaic system

Water heated by cogeneration

Low-impact illumination


Sustainable mobility system

The PORTO MURDEIRA Master Plan is being developed with the utmost respect of the environment, which is one of the priorities of the GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES.

The PORTO MURDEIRA Master Plan is a project that is completely integrated into its surroundings following criteria of sustainability and respect for its location.

The project is bordered in an area of high environmental protection by the Bay of Murdeira (Protected Maritime Area) and by the Monte Leao (protected adjoining area).  In compliance with these levels of protection, the PORTO MURDEIRA Master Plan has been planned to a high degree of environmental protection, moving the line of coastal protection to 150 metres and defining the Marina outside of the Bay of Murdeira, in an unprotected area.




The Porto Murdeira residential development is located in the island of Sal, only 10 Km. from the international airport and 8 Km. from Vila de Santa María, the main holiday resort on the island.

The Porto Murdeira project is located on firstline beach, on the west coast of the island of Sal, in the area situated between the Bays of Murdeira and João Petinha, separated by the Monte Leon peninsula (165 m.) Both areas are part of the national network of Protected Natural Spaces, known as the Bay of Murdeira Marine Nature Reserve and the Rabo de Junco Nature Reserve.

The project has been conceived to be self-sufficient, in a strategic location in the middle of the island, with excellent access to the airport and to the main points of tourist attraction.









General Parameters








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Land for Commercial

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Land for Hotels

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Mixed Plots for Holiday-Residential

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