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Wind Power in LATVIA

Latvia offers favourable opportunities for the development of Wind Power.  The total wind power capacity installed in Latvia in June of 2009, reached around 24.5 MW, most of that capacity installed in the 19.8 MW Wind Farms in Liepaja, on the Baltic coast (UDI, 2009). These farms have 33 Enercon E-40 turbines installed in 2003, which produce around 40 GWh of electric energy per year.  There is great potential for development and several projects are under way.    


According to data from the Renewable Energy Programme, the technical potential for the production of wind power was estimated to be close to 1,277 GWh, however, the practical potential is estimated at 1,000 GWh /year and represents close to 2,000 MW of technical or economic potential.

The areas with the greatest wind speeds are the Baltic Sea coastline and the eastern coast of the Gulf of Riga, in its northern region.  Wind speeds in these areas reach  5.1 – 5.8 m/s.  The width of the Baltic sea is around 15-20 km and the area of the Gulf of Riga is approximately 10-15 km wide.
The sources of renewable energies in 2006 represented 33% of the primary energy quota (AIE, 2006).  In Latvia, electricity produced from renewable sources was much higher (close to 70% of total electricity production).

As a Member State of the European Union, Latvia must achieve renewable energy  goals set by the EU.  By 2020 Latvia must get 23 per cent of its final energy consumption from renewable sources.  Furthermore, at least 10% of final energy consumption in transportation must come from renewable energy sources by 2020.  The 2001 European Directive points out that Latvia must have 49.3 per cent of its gross energy consumption from renewable sources by 2010 (EREC, 2008).


icon_planimundi  Incentives to Investment in Renewable Energies in Latvia.

“Guaranteed purchase for a 20-year period. Purchase rate: 96-113€ Mwh”



  The State, in virtue of a commitment acquired with the European Union for 2020, offers incentives to investment in wind power in their country, that are notably higher than the EU Community sector average.   

  Electric companies must purchase, at a rate regulated by the government, one hundred percent of the energy fed into the grid, guaranteeing its purchase for a 20-year period.

  The premiums paid are regulated and guaranteed by the State.  A purchase rate of  96-113€ Mwh has been established, higher than the average paid in other Member States of the European Union.